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Thinking of Writing a Book?

To All Budding Writers

Inspired by the interview with Henson Lim, founder of Archippus Awakening, on the process and perspectives behind Precious Moments on Assignment, I have decided to come up with my own Q&A on my writing process behind the books.

How would you describe your books?

A friend recently said something to me that caused my eyes to widen in glee. That the books are my love letters to God. I absolutely agree! It immediately brought me back to when I was writing Precious Moments in the Wilderness in the year 2016. I was getting ready to send the book for printing and God asked for a chapter to include His letter. Under His leading, I finished the chapter in no time. The words simply flow and a beautiful letter emerged.

Which aspect of writing is usually the easiest or most fun?

Coming up with chapter and segment titles. They keep changing as the contents develop. As I keep editing the titles, I am happy they actually help clarify my intentions and thoughts in each chapter.

Which is the most difficult or most challenging aspect of writing?

Articulating authentically my heartfelt sentiments. One time, a reader said “thank you for letting us into your intimate moments with God”. She expressed how reading my books was like being invited to my world of feelings. I didn’t know God set me up in this! I had at times struggled with being as real as I am through writing, yet at the same time, consider the implications. In Precious Moments on Assignment, I had a moment like this. A friend had reviewed the book and advised me to consider not including a chapter. After praying. I had taken her advice.

What is your desired outcome for those who read your book?

This amazing testimony that happened five years ago just about summed up my heart’s desire. I received this email from a caregiver to the elderly who stumbled upon Precious Moments of a Teacher. Little did I expect that God would use my writing as a therapy of some sort. To Him be all praise.

Hi Lay Leng

My name is Tina and I work with the elderly. I am a chaperone, an elder sitter and an activity facilitator.

I'm sending you this email because I've been reading your book "Precious Moments of a Teacher" to my client who has dementia and Parkinson's disease. She is 77 years old and used to be a teacher at a primary school. Your entries have elicited laughter and empathy from her. She is mostly non verbal, when we saw your email at the back of the book, I asked if we should write to you to say hello and thank you for the anecdotes and reflections, she nodded. But soon turned her attention elsewhere.

So, these words are all mine, to be honest. I am saying thank you as yours is the only book I've borrowed from the library that she has reached out and held in her functioning right hand while I read. Your title must have immediately struck a chord in her. She also flips the pages herself to look for pictures, another thing she doesn't do. We can only manage 3 stories at most. But it does allow her to reminisce and share her memories with me through my prompts, even if she is thinking of a character in her own class but cannot name him 🙂

I'm so glad to have found your book. Do let me know if you have others 🙂

Wishing you all the best! 🙂

I've sent to both emails to make sure you get this 🙂



What advice would you give to budding writers?

Has God been prompting you to write? Start writing. Start somewhere. Start anywhere. The resources are already in you. Unless you obey what God has said to you, the blessings cannot be unlocked. He will use your writing as He pleases. Your part is to write.

Write to Lay Leng

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