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Like a Soft Whisper in the Wind

Take a boat and go fishing with Jesus – A Review on Precious Moments on Assignment by Belle Tan

Lay Leng’s Precious Moments on Assignment is a collection of her precious time spent in the Presence of God. Reading her journey with God brought back flashes of memory of my solitary walks with the Lord, seeking and asking Him, “how long more”, and the many moments of sober awakenings to His outpouring Grace, Mercy and Favour that make my soul sing unto Him. Every page I read awakened the thirst in my spirit to want to drink more and like a soft whisper in the wind, the words reminded me of the Promises of God.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on “The Alignment-Check Moments” where Lay Leng’s confessions of her misalignments struck a chord with me. Being in the season of “waiting on the Lord”, there are far too many times when I am tempted to get back to the “good old days”, yet there is something in the Spirit that suggests otherwise and Lay Leng’s useful “tips”, as she calls them, may be an affirmation to those who are trodding the same path. Her fair share of endured pain in order for God to be glorified will be a powerful testimony to bring edification and encouragement to the readers.

A special mention must be made of Wendy Oh’s almost monochrome book cover design, where a wired phone is strategically placed next to the verse from John 2:5, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

Indeed, whatever He says to you, do it. Whatever He says to me, do it.When the wind blows, and when He whispers, take a boat out and go fishing for men with our Lord Jesus.

May our good Lord bless the hands and feet of Lay Leng and all who abide in Him and use this wonderful collection of great moments spent with Him to bless, comfort, and strengthen the hearts of all who love Him. Amen.

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