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I Used My First Key

My spirit leapt as I devoured the words :

“I hear the Father saying that He is raising up the ”unlockers!" Those that have been given the keys of authority, revelation and assignment. They are being released to unlock plans and purposes in regions – territories. They have been commissioned by the Spirit of the Lord. As they move into their assigned places, there is divine ability in them to bring release of things in the spirit that have seemingly been locked. These things have not been locked away from the children of God but reserved for the children of God.” ~ Ryan LeStrange

Just a few hours before I read those words, I had received a word from Pastor Joe Strewberry from MorningStar Ministries : I see old keys. They have been given to you this year (2016). They will be used to unlock the blessings God has promised to you – the revelation and understanding from Him and the treasures that have been locked away. The Lord says He could not give them to you earlier as you would have run ahead of Him.”

Two days later, on 7th of January 2016, the Lord visited me. I wept uncontrollably when I was writing about my wilderness journey, getting it ready as a post on Facebook. Then the Lord spoke, “Leng, it is time. Get the second book – Precious Moments in the Wilderness –out.”

I had felt to write it too, last year, but my engine simply could not take off. That night, God downloaded revelation and chapter titles. It was time to use my first key.

The book is finally out. The process of getting it out deserves a chapter of its own. The stories were written over three years. I used two weeks to streamline them. I wept everyday during those two weeks. Tears being liquid prayers, I wondered what I was praying for. I was also intrigued that God asked for a chapter. I was exercising my writer's authority throughout until He gently chided me to say 'the' book instead of 'my' book. It's indeed His love story. He also lovingly set up divine appointments. He sent people who did not know I was writing the second book to pray in partnership for the book. He touched the hearts of several to sow in giving. He cocooned the book till 'the break of dawn' so I could tell stories of those waiting moments and how He came through.

Precious Moments in the Wilderness evidences God's heart of love for someone going through the emotional sand dunes. There were moments when I merely drifted, moments when I was being disciplined, then being delighted, then distressed and then learning to depend on Him. He's gentle. Very gentle. Which is why I'm weeping again as I am writing this.

When I told someone how the book was birthed, she exclaimed, "I want to buy the book!"

Come alongside and read my journey with Him. I trust your heart will be drawn to intimacy with Him.

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