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God Took Me Aside and Into the Wilderness

So God took me aside and into the wilderness. The wilderness is a dry place where water is scarce, and there is no protection from the heat and the cold. For some, God seems distant and the spirit feels dry in their wilderness experience. I did not feel this way at all. Although I sensed God very near me, I did feel confused many times, and I doubted and questioned God many times. I was tempted to make things happen in my own strength, like how I was doing it before He called me out of teaching.

As I journeyed on, I discovered that my wilderness experience was being hidden in obscurity to be prepared for His purposes. In the wilderness I experienced God in a deeper and more profound way. During the first year of my wilderness experience, I was cocooned into God’s unconditional love. God kept whispering His love into my soul. I was bombarded with His messages of love from His Word, from the classic Streams in the Desert and from many reading sources. Having the luxury of time in my hands, I kept reading and journaling. My family also showered me with acts of love as I recuperated from my slipped disc.

Intimacy may not be rushed... Inwardness is time-consuming, open only to minds willing to sample spirituality in small bites, savouring each one. - Calvin Miller

I was thankful God orchestrated this season of profound spiritual growth. I was thankful God accompanied me throughout the journey. I read somewhere that the desert is only a season in our life. When God has accomplished what He wants in our lives in the desert, He will bring us out. It is preparation for a mission He has given for us to fulfill. but we need to spend adequate time in the desert.

So I spent more time in the desert and I was loved into my second year in the wilderness.

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