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By Amara David with Yen Yeen Peng


Foreword by Reverend Lek

The story of Amara is a story of the season for the season when many are looking for a purpose and many others retiring to find a renewed purpose in life. Too many of our current mindsets cause us to find a purpose that fits the lifestyle we have developed over the years.


Amara’s life story tells of how God repurposed her. It tells of how God met her in the depth of her despair and called her, not based on her skill set nor track record nor giftings but through a heart for God. The story of Amara is one of courage, one of prayerfulness and one of surrender to the God whom she has a deep love relationship with.


Read about her deliberate obedience to God her Master. Read about her humble sharing of the struggles to acclimatise to the simple life on mission trips, her generosity on her trips. They all speak of her love for God and for the people she ministers to.


What an example of living life to the fullest!! What an example of living life serving till the Master says stop. What an example of one retiring to the desires of self and instead becoming active all the time for the Master.


I commend this saint to you


Reverend Lek Yong Teck
Pastor in Charge
Bukit Panjang Methodist Church 2022

Unveiled At Last (eBook)

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