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The Amazing Moments

My Lunatic Fringe

My Journey with a Boy with ADHD

My Journey with FAS Kids to Sarawak

My Journey into the Village Schools in China

The Aha! Moments

My Being is More Important Than My Doing

"I Think I Am Under a Curse!”

“I Would Never be Able to Please Her.”

The Affecting Moments

As a Counsellor

“Am I Mad, Sad or Bad?”

Because She Never Gave Up on Me

The heartAche Moments

Why Do People Cry?

"I Remember What You Taught Me.”

The Always Moments

It Felt Like the First Date

Always Do the Right Thing

The Ahoy! Moments

Ahoy! Watch Out for Sleepless Nights

Ahoy! Watch out for What You Pray For

The Adieu Moments

I Saw David

I Flushed My Mobile Away

The Amusing Moments

The Cake That Collapsed and Melted My Heart

The Alleluia Moments.

Love Feasts

Those Who Sow in Tears Reap in Joy

Efforts Being Recognised

The Awesome Moments

Keyboard Boomerang

Be Comforted

Precious Moments of a Teacher (Hard Copy)

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • PRECIOUS MOMENTS OF A TEACHER puts together stories that tug the heart. It chronicles a teacher’s journey with her students, the parents, and her colleagues and friends. Inspiring and touching, these stories will spur those who work with children to make a difference in their lives. This book will refresh weary souls, invigorate lukewarm hearts and stimulate others to encourage and build up lives.

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