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My Wilderness Journey

In the Shadow of His Hand

A Poem – This Wilderness

The Ouch Moments

The Power of Weakness

Of Pain, Pain and Pain

The Oasis Moments

Desert Friends’ Hospitality

Drinking from Streams in the Desert

Discovering Treasures at Singapore Association for Mental Health

The Overstrung Moments

Why Did the Doors Shut?

Why Is Grief So Profound?

Why Must I Keep Waiting?

The Overseas Moments

Footsteps in China

Adventures in Colourful Kyoto

Flattened but Not Forsaken in Cambodia

He Holds My Every Moment in Taiwan

God’s Goodness Runs Over in Sydney

The Oscar Moments

God Announced That Time Is Smashed!

God Articulated His Big Heart in Small Stories

God Asked for a Chapter to Include His Letter

Precious Moments in the Wilderness (Hard Copy)

  • PRECIOUS MOMENTS IN THE WILDERNESS is a journal of God's love story with His child. Transparent and touching, these stories will echo many sentiments in the hearts of those who are in the wilderness journey. This book will tug at your heart to fall in love with Jesus again and again and inspire you to pursue intimacy with God.

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